• Not sleeping

  • Feeling worried or anxious

  • Can't concentrate

  • Habits you can't control

  • Emotional pain

  • Want to stop smoking

  • Feel you've lost direction

  • Fears or phobias get in the way

  • You don't feel good enough

  • Struggling with a medical condition

Whether you feel mildly affected by one or more of the above or you feel you are really suffering as a result and that it interferes with your daily life, it's best to address it.

The good news is that you can do something about it.

My name is Clair.  I'm a registered clinical hypnotherapist.  I'm trained in counselling, psychotherapy, coaching and advanced hypnotherapy.  I use all these skills to create a personal therapeutic space to help you.


During my 10 years' of practice, it has been my privilege to help many clients, just like you to overcome issues affecting their wellbeing.



Covid 19 Information


Following government guidance I am doing all client consultations and therapy online only, for the time being.  Please go to my contact page to get in touch to find out more and to arrange a session.

This is an uncertain time and I'm doing all I can to keep a good service going for clients, particularly those experiencing anxiety.  For the foreseeable future, I am reducing my fees to £40 in order to make sessions as accessible as possible.  I will also be looking at ways to offer a broader range of options for therapy such as shorter, targeted sessions at a basic cost, where appropriate.  This is evolving so please contact me for further information.  

I am confident that together we will come through this challenging time, stronger and with a better sense of what is important in life.  Take care and please follow government and NHS guidance.