of mind


  • Not sleeping

  • Feeling worried or anxious

  • Can't concentrate

  • Habits you can't control

  • Emotional pain

  • Want to stop smoking

  • Feel you've lost direction

  • Fears or phobias get in the way

  • You don't feel good enough

  • Struggling with a medical condition

Whether you feel mildly affected by one or more of the above or you feel you are really suffering as a result and that it interferes with your daily life, it's best to address it.

The good news is that you can do something about it.

My name is Clair.  I'm a registered clinical hypnotherapist.  I'm trained in counselling, psychotherapy, coaching and advanced hypnotherapy.  I use all these skills to create a personal therapeutic space to help you.


During my 10 years' of practice, it has been my privilege to help many clients, just like you to overcome issues affecting their wellbeing.



Covid 19 Update

In accordance with new Government restrictions, I will be stopping face to face appointments from Thursday 5 November until at least 2nd December subject to any further national or local restrictions that may be put in place to control the virus.  I will continue to offer online sessions throughout this time.   


Please do contact me if you would like to enquire about online hypnotherapy sessions.  All you need is a device, a quiet space for an hour or so and broadband connection!  Don't worry if you are not internet savvy, I now have lots of experience of delivering online sessions, and can guide you every step of the way.