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Workforce Wellbeing



  • Not sleeping

  • Feeling worried or anxious

  • Can't concentrate

  • Workload management

  • Time management

  • Bullying

  • Don't feel good enough

  • Medical conditions

Stress, anxiety, medical conditions can all impact on a person's health and well being.  As a workplace you can make a significant impact on a person's sense of wellness, their energy, confidence and ability to make a positive contribution.

Increasingly well being is recognised as an essential part of the employer's responsibility and the key to having a great workforce that is loyal, productive and creative.

As an experienced senior manager and consultant , I understand the crucial interaction between workforce wellbeing and the organisation's responsibilities for safeguarding and safe practice

Contact me to find out about workshops and one-to-one sessions for staff and volunteers.

In Workplace Wellbeing sessions I focus helping your workforce on improve:

- confidence

- resilience

- performance


I do this by creating bespoke packages for managing stress and health conditions.

"Take care of your employees and they will take care of your businessRichard Branson
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